We are a multidisciplinary group of scientists working to solve problems in plant epigenetics.

In EPI-CATCH, we enjoy learning through different approaches. In 43 departments across 22 countries, our scientists combine analytical knowledge with hard work and scientific imagination, and an appetite for overcoming the hardest problems in service to genetics and the public.

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An epigenetic alphabet of crop adaptation to climate change

Abstract: Crop adaptation to climate change is in a part attributed to epigenetic mechanisms which are related to response to abiotic and biotic stresses.

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Epigenetics for Crop Improvement in Times of Global Change

Abstract: Epigenetics has emerged as an important research field for crop improvement under the on-going climatic changes. Heritable epigenetic changes can arise independently of DNA sequence alterations and have been associated with altered gene expression and transmitted phenotypic variation.

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Deciphering the Epigenetic Alphabet Involved in Transgenerational Stress Memory in Crops

Abstract: Although epigenetic modifications have been intensely investigated over the last decade due to their role in crop adaptation to rapid climate change, it is unclear which epigenetic changes are heritable and therefore transmitted to their progeny.

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We are delighted to announce that the first conference on “Epigenetic Mechanisms of Crop Adaptation to Climate Change” (EPI-CATCH) will be held virtually from July 12th to 15th 2021.

EPI-CATCH (CA19125) is a newly launched COST action that aims to define, develop, generate and share new breaking knowledge and methodologies for the investigation of epigenetic mechanisms modulating plant adaptation to environmental stresses driven by climate change. The aim of the first EPI-CATCH conference is to: Introduce the key objectives and priorities of EPI-CATCH action.

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