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Our Team

EPI-CATCH emphasizes on complementarities and synergies, both at the level of academic groups but also at the level of industrial involvement. These interactions provide the basis to create a fast channel for the exploitation of new frontiers and ideas and to guide academic research towards specific research challenges. The big and multi-disciplinary consortium has been planned in a way that all partners have complementary expertise.

Most of the COST Action partners have been involved in research subjects dealing with epigenetic mechanisms of regulation of key traits in crops for more than 10 years. The high number of scientists participating in EPI-CATCH will secure a high scientific level of the events organized by the different working groups.

Action Chair
Prof. Federico Martinelli

Action Vice Chair
Dr Eirini Kaiserli

STSM Coordinator - Grant Awarding Coordinator
Prof George Manganaris

SCM Ass.
Prof Velimir Mladenov

Dr Miroslav Baranek

Prof. Michal Lieberman Lazarovich

WG1 Leader
Prof. Stephane Maury

WG1 Co-Leader
Prof. Gloria Pinto

WG2 Leader
Prof. Naama Segal

WG2 Co-Leader
Prof. Eleni Tani

WG3 Leader
Prof. Valya Vassileva

WG3 Co-Leader
Prof. Pilar Testillano

WG4 Leader
Sotirios Fragkostefanakis, PhD

WG4 Co-Leader
Dr. Cristina Vettori

Grant Awarding Vice-Coordinator
Prof. Sophie Brunel-Muguet

Grant Manager
Dr. Denise Cuccia