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The project

Objectives of our cost Action "EPIgenetic mechanisms of Crop Adaptation To Climate cHange" are:

1. promoting research investment in the field of plant epigenetics/epigenomics

2. gaining insight into the understanding of the heterogenous and complex nature of plant epigenetic mechanisms

3. providing new discoveries in this under-investigated field


Define standards, pipelines, workflows and best practices for wet lab, in silico data analysis and “omics data integration” in plant epigenetics / epigenomics through a community-based curation approach in which each partner will share their data, know-how and experience in this field

Disseminate these standardized approaches and methodologies using not only classical routes (publications, oral presentations) but also training and “hands-on data” sessions for PhD students, young researchers

Update knowledge and define standards in current international research activity dealing with crop molecular adaptation to climate change

Transfer of knowledge and methodologies in epigenetic/epigenomic research on model plants to crops species and all other living organisms.

Promote a common strategy for publication acceptance of proposed standardized formats of data obtained in the field of plant epigenetics/epigenomics

Promote the future development of molecular tools (epi-molecular markers, better-adapted cultivars, wet and dry methodologies) for stakeholders (growers, agro-industry, biotechnological companies).