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Plant Bioinformatician Position

The Chromosome Dynamics Group is seeking a Bioinformatician to start as soon as possible. Using experimental and computational approaches, the group has a broad interest in genome organization and its influence on gene regulation. We use molecular methods (Hi-C, HiChIP, ChIP-seq, DNA-methylation analysis and RNA-seq) and computational analysis to investigate the organization of plant chromosomes. Recent work has shown that a set of chromatin proteins are functionally important for the looping of regulatory elements at individual genes (Antunez-Sanchez et al., Elife 2020; Kim et al., NAR 2020 ; Concia et al., Genome Biology 2020 ; Huang et al., Genome Research 2021) as well as global chromosome structure. The full-time bioinformatics position is immediately available. The appointee will be supervised by Dr. Moussa BENHAMED. The position is funded for at least 3 years. The ideal candidate should be highly ambitious, self-motivated and possess experience in applied bioinformatics, specifically having worked with next-generation sequencing datasets. The candidate will also be expected to have a working knowledge of R and statistics. The post holder will be expected to analyze, integrate and interpret multiple datasets simultaneously (including ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq and data arising from genome wide 3C-based studies, HiC and HiChIP).

Interested applicants should e-mail Dr. Moussa Benhamed (moussa.benhamed@u-psud.fr) with a complete professional CV (including educational background, experience, a list of Publications, two recommendation letters and a brief statement of research interests/plans).