Epigenetic Mechanisms of Crop
Adaptation to Climate Change

12th – 14th 2021
Free registration

We are delighted to announce that the first conference on “Epigenetic Mechanisms of Crop Adaptation to Climate Change” (EPI-CATCH) will be held virtually from 12th to 15th 2021. EPI-CATCH (CA19125) is a newly launched COST action that aims to define, develop, generate and share new breaking knowledge and methodologies for the investigation of epigenetic mechanisms modulating plant adaptation to environmental stresses driven by climate change.

The aim of the first EPI-CATCH conference is to:
1) Introduce the key objectives and priorities of EPI-CATCH action.
2) Update on the different epigenetic mechanisms driving crop adaptation to the environment through the regulation of chromatin modifications, DNA methylation, RNA-directed mechanisms.
3) Promote scientific discussions on key epigenetic topics such as the use of standardized methodology in plant epigenetics, transgenerational memory, priming, epi-molecular markers in breeding, epigenetic alphabet in plant stress biology.

The conference will promote interactions amongst speakers, poster presenters and participants that are experts and newcomers in the field of plant epigenetics as well as early career researchers from diverse geographical, cultural and scientific backgrounds.

The registration to this meeting is free. Please submit your abstracts by June 30th 2021. For more information on the COST action please visit our websites:

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